The Quinta Estação Restaurant is located on well known Pico dos Barcelos. At 355 meters high, this is one of Funchal’s main surrounding peaks, according to Elucidário Madeirense book, a mark in Madeira history.

A brief history about Pico dos Barcelos

The name Barcelos is connected to Diogo Barcelos, one of the early settlers of the island, that had there some stretches of land.

According to Priest Fernando Augusto Silva, 1934. Diogo Barcelos was for several times a business attorney for the Funchal city hall, starting in 1486. According to historian Emanuel Janes, farm lands on that region were distributed to Diogo Barcelos, who was also a silk merchant. He used the lands to plant mulberry trees which are important to feed the silkworm (responsible for silk production). Soon later, these worms proliferated all over the island.

Over the years small local souvenirs shops and restaurants grew around Pico dos Barcelos, since an access road was built in 1917. Locals and foreigners choose this as a prime location in Funchal, due to the astonishing panoramic view.

Between 1949 and 1950, the Madeira Tourism council started building the actual surroundings of Pico dos Barcelos viewpoint, passing several renovations until recently.

The origins of our Building

In 1948 Madeira saw the birth of it’s first broadcast radio. Named “Radio Madeira” the radio station was owned by the madeiran family Portela Ribeiro and was operational until the turn of the century.

In the renovation process, we tried to honor that story and so we kept alive the original shape of the building.

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Image credits: Santo António