Our History


Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint

The history of Restaurante Quinta Estação is intrinsically linked to the history of the famous Peak Viewpoint of Barcelos.

Built in 1950, the Mirador do Pico dos Barcelos is situated in the parish of Santo António at about 355 meters of altitude. From this gazebo you can contemplate a breathtaking view over the bay and the city of Funchal, with the Desertas islands in the background.
It is an obligatory point of attraction for all tourists visiting Madeira.
«It seems that this place took the name of Diogo Barcelos one of the primitive settlers, who had some tracts of land there.»

The origins

Quinta Estação

The name Quinta Estação appeared naturally, when the temporary communication that covered the plates of protection of the work that gave to the outside were developed. One of the phrases used was "the year has four seasons, here you will find the fifth".

The fact that there was a radio station there, called "Rádio Madeira", which was emblematic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, served as a motto to use the word "station" in the name. This dichotomy between climacteric station and radio station was preponderant in the definition of the designation. From the poetic point of view, a certain romanticism is instilled in raising the Quinta Estação Restaurant to a sublime state of well-being which is the positive sum of the four seasons of the year and which itself becomes a musical season.

Historical Contextualization

One of the references is undoubtedly the belvedere and the existing pine trees, which give an interesting setting, with the Bay of Funchal and the whole slope as a backdrop.
Were the pines, the elements selected to build the logo symbol.

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