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Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas
(Pico dos Barcelos), 79
9020-148 Funchal

11h às 23h
Dom-Fer. 11h às 21h

Wine, nectar of the gods

Drinking wine is almost a sacred ritual for the people who taste it. Wine is considered a sophisticated drink, but its origin dates back to the Achaean civilization in Ancient Greece (13th century BC). Today, it is one of the most appreciated drinks in the world.

There are some types of food that don't go well with most wines. In this case, dishes contain products that are very acidic (lemon, orange, vinegar), very aromatic (cumin, tarragon, cloves) or very sweet.

Be careful when using ingredients and condiments that can inhibit the enjoyment of a good wine, such as garlic, vinegar, watercress, eggs, anchovies, sugar , and others...

Vinho Quinta Estação

Although the wine/food combination does not admit rigid rules, there are basic guidelines that contribute significantly to the success of a meal, such as:

- Combine light food with light and soft wines and heavy food with heavy and strong wines;
- In a meal, white wine comes before red, dry wine before sweet, light wine before powerful. Of course, there are exceptions (this is the case of foie-gras, served at the beginning of the meal with a sweet white), but they do not invalidate the general principle.

The temperature at which any nectar of the gods is served is crucial to ensure that the best qualities of that wine come to the fore, that is, at 18ºC (the maximum temperature at which a wine must be served) the aroma or bouquet is at its peak, but if it is subjected to a temperature below 8ºC, these same characteristics are practically nullified.

Here at Quinta Estação Restaurant you can always find the best selections of wines, which have been carefully chosen to accompany our dishes.

We also have the Casa Especial Red, or White, slightly fruity, with a balanced acidity, and very elegant. The ideal is to try them.

Enjoy and come have a drink with us!

Quinta Estação
10 January 2024