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Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas
(Pico dos Barcelos), 79
9020-148 Funchal

11h às 23h
Dom-Fer. 11h às 21h

Delight for Two! Ham and Cheese Board + Madeira Wine

An experience full of our own flavors! At Quinta Estação, enjoy a board of the best ham and cheese, accompanied by a good sweet Madeira Wine. Mnham, Mnham, how delicious!

Our Ham and Cheese board is beautiful and appealing, a “must have” on any starter table and a hit at any dinner with friends. It can also be consumed as a dessert, but that's up to you... To accompany the best Wine in the World "Madeira Wine" this 'nectar of the Gods', which is one of the ex-libris of Madeira Island, and appreciated throughout aside.

You can already taste it… right? So stop by and delight in this wonder!

Quinta Estação
10 January 2024