About Us

About Us



Surrounded by the unique and stunning landscape of Madeira, Pico dos Barcelos is one of the most emblematic places on the island of Madeira. Here we raise our restaurant to give the Madeirans and visitors a cozy and refined atmosphere, conducive to enjoy the panoramic view.

Who we are?

The Quinta Estação Restaurant aims to capture everything the four seasons of the year have to offer, also honoring the historic radio station that existed here in the past.
Where we are?


The Quinta Estação Restaurant is located in the well-known Pico de Barcelos. At 355 meters high this is one of the main peaks that surround Funchal, according to the Madeirense Elucidário, a mark in the history of Madeira.


Event Space

The Quinta Estação Restaurant has exceptional conditions to host all kinds of events. We have the capacity and structure to receive up to 200 people. Ideal for weddings, baptisms, religious ceremonies, corporate parties, others ...

Get to know us better!


Our restaurant was built in the old facilities of the old and extinct "Rádio Madeira". In the process of building renovation we try to honor this story, and so we decided to keep the original facade of the building. A building with history, where we invite you to create your own!

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