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Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas
(Pico dos Barcelos), 79
9020-148 Funchal

11h às 23h
Dom-Fer. 11h às 21h

Traditional restaurant

How did our History begin?

The history of the Quinta Estação Restaurant is intrinsically linked to the history of the famous Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint.
Built in 1950, the Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint is located in the parish of Santo António at around 355 meters above sea level. From this viewpoint it is possible to enjoy a stunning panorama over the bay and the city of Funchal, with the Desertas islands in the background. It is a mandatory point of attraction for all tourists visiting Madeira.
The origins

The Quinta Estação Origins

The name Quinta Estação came naturally, when the temporary communication was developed that covered the work's protection panels that opened to the outside. One of the phrases used was “the year has four seasons, here you will find the fifth”.

The fact that there was a radio station there, called “Rádio Madeira”, which was emblematic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira served as the reason for using the word “station” in the name. This dichotomy between weather station and radio station was preponderant in defining the designation. From a poetic point of view, a certain romanticism is instilled, as it elevates the Quinta Estação Restaurant to a state of sublime well-being that is the positive sum of the 4 seasons of the year and that itself becomes a musical station.

One of the references is undoubtedly the viewpoint and the pine trees there, which provide an interesting setting, with the bay of Funchal and the entire hillside as a backdrop. Pine trees were the elements selected to create the logo symbol.

The perfect place to enjoy a family meal

The Quinta Estação Restaurant was designed to offer maximum comfort and refinement to all its visitors throughout the year. Located in the well-known Pico dos Barcelos, we built our restaurant here to give Madeirans and visitors a welcoming and refined environment, suitable for enjoying a panoramic view. The perfect setting for a peaceful break.

At Quinta Estação, we believe that the eating experience goes far beyond the taste of the dishes. It's about creating special moments in an environment that celebrates food, wine and good company.
The space

Excellent facilities

The Quinta Estação Restaurant was designed to offer maximum comfort and refinement to all its visitors throughout the year. We believe that the environment goes far beyond decoration. It's about creating an immersive experience in a space that celebrates cuisine and coexistence.
Special events

There are moments and places that remain eternal in our memories...

Beauty, refinement and comfort come together in this magnificent environment. The Quinta Estação Restaurant is a versatile space, designed with you and your family in mind, for celebrating special moments, such as weddings, birthdays, religious celebrations, company parties, etc....

We have exceptional conditions to host all types of events. The Quinta Estação Restaurant has its own kitchen, has an exclusive area for special events, with two huge rooms (Sala Primavera and Verão) fully air-conditioned with the capacity to accommodate 180 people seated and with a "breathtaking" view over Funchal. .

The Quinta Estação Restaurant is therefore the perfect place to hold large celebrations. Surprise us with your visit! We have an exclusive menu to suggest!